Study Abroad in Germany

Germany lies in the center of Europe. It is the largest member state of the European Union, with over 82 million inhabitants.
Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and many others are renowned for their cultural diversity, vibrant lifestyle and historic heritage.
Germany ranks 1st in Europe for the highest number of newly registered patents, and it ranks 2nd in the world, after the USA.
Germany is the largest economy in the European Union and the 3rd largest in the world.

Germany is a great destination for international students and offers :

  • High quality university education.

  • Accessibility for international applicants.

  • A safe and welcoming environment.

  • High living standards.

  • Excellent employment prospects.

Tuition fees and living costs

German universities charge only very moderate tuition fees or even no tuition fees (for potential students) at all.
Where fees are charged, they currently range from 450 Euro - 850 Euro per semester which means that a full Bachelor's programme often costs
As little as Euro 3800. A Master's degree frequently costs no more than Euro 2500 and at PhD level there are generally no fees at all.
As for the living costs, on average students will need about Euro 700 to cover their cost of living.

DAAD offers more than 200 programmes, which range from short-term exchanges for research or teaching purposes through to doctoral scholarships lasting several years.
If you are interested in studying in Germany and if you are looking for financial support, we strongly recommend that you reach our counselor who would assist you to find all the information on available scholarships and also details of German foundations (section Study & Research in Germany).

It is advisable is to complete IELTS with 6.5 band and German language A1 level atleast.

Depends upon the Universities it changes In some places, Students are allowed to take part time job.

What we do on Germany admission process

  • Individual one on one counselling by our senior counsellor.

  • Advising candidates to take training on GRE / GMAT / SAT / IELTS / TOEFL exam preparation through our certified trainers.

  • Helping the students to get register for their test preparation examination.

  • Editing Statement of Purposes SOP.

  • Guiding them on "How an Letter of Recommendation(LOR) should be?".

  • Helping the candidates to build their profile.

  • Training the candidates on "How to crack VISA Interview?"

  • Financial document preparation.

  • University admission application process (3 Universities to 5 Universities).

  • VISA filing process.

  • Providing offer letter to the students from the universities.

  • Fulfilling the PRE - Departure requirements.

  • Post Departure requirements

  • 1Register
  • 2Finish

Thank You For Your Interest

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