Nursing Career in the UK

Working in the UK as a nurse is an exciting and rewarding adventure. Overseas nurses can develop new skills and meet new people from a culture different from their own. As the demand for trained nurses is high in the UK, it may be the best opportunity for developing a nursing career.

'Nursing Career in the UK' programme is for trained nurses with 12 months registered practice, who can communicate clearly and effectively in English. This program is designed to support and facilitate the process of registering with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to practice as a nurse in the UK. Registering with NMC involves several challenges: overseas qualified nurses must complete the IELTS test and achieve a minimum score of at least seven in all areas and sit for the competence test, which consists of a computer based test of theoretical knowledge and an objective-structured clinical examination (OSCE), which will be completed in the UK. The 'Nursing Career in the UK' programme provides training for these tests and helps nurses meet NMC requirements.

On successful completion of the programme, all nurses are provided with a placement in a healthcare setting and a Tier 2 Employment visa.