Microsoft BI Training

MS Business Intelligence – your gateway to the skills and techniques needed to design, build, and deploy solutions that deliver more data to more people across the organisation.

Enrol in our power packed MS business intelligence course and gain expertise in an essential discipline for managing a modern business. Equip your organisation for informed, timely decision making expert tips and best practices provided by our experienced instructors. This course will demonstrate how to effectively develop, customise and distribute meaningful information to users enterprise-wide. From Big data analysis used for human resources, marketing and more.

Business Intelligence systems allow companies to understand factors affecting their business, such as sales metrics, production and internal operations, which can help organisations make well-informed business decisions.

Course Content

This course is the combination of our SQL Server 2012 Reporting services, Analysis services and Integration Services training courses.

This course has been written to cover all the technical skills required for Database Administrators, Database Developers, Business Intelligence professionals and main aspects of designing and building data warehouses and cubes using SQL Server 2012, Analysis Services and Integration Services, and how to make best use of the reporting functionality of Reporting Services.

This course has been developed for real-world, commercial scenarios by our subject specialist instructors.

  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2012

  • Getting Started with SQL Azure

  • Introduction to T-SQL Querying

  • Writing SELECT Queries

  • Querying Multiple Tables

  • Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Working with SQL Server 2012 Data Types

  • Using Built-In Functions

  • Grouping and Aggregating Data

  • Using Subqueries

  • Using Table Expressions

  • Using Set Operators

  • Using Window Ranking, Offset and Aggregate Functions

  • Pivoting and Grouping Sets

  • Querying SQL Server Metadata

  • Executing Stored Procedures

  • Programming with T-SQL

  • Implementing Error Handling

  • Implementing Transactions

  • Improving Query Performance

  • Introduction to Data Warehousing

  • Data Warehouse Hardware

  • Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse

  • Creating an ETL Solution with SSIS

  • Implementing Control Flow in an SSIS Package

  • Debugging and Troubleshooting SSIS Packages

  • Implementing an Incremental ETL Process

  • Incorporating Data from the Cloud into a Data Warehouse

  • Enforcing Data Quality

  • Using Master Data Services

  • Extending SQL Server Integration Services

  • Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages

  • Consuming Data in a Data Warehouse

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modeling

  • Implementing Reports with SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Supporting Self Service Reporting

  • Managing Report Execution and Delivery

  • Creating Multidimensional Databases

  • Working with Dimensions

  • Working with Measures and Measure Groups

  • Introduction to MDX

  • Customizing Cube Functionality

  • Implementing a Tabular Data Model with Microsoft PowerPivot

  • Introduction to DAX

  • Implementing an Analysis Services Tabular Data Model

  • Creating Data Visualizations with Power View

  • Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining

  • Planning a BI Solution

  • Planning SQL Server Business Intelligence Infrastructure

  • Designing a Data Warehouse

  • Designing an ETL Solution

  • Designing Analytical Data Models

  • Planning a BI Delivery Solution

  • Designing a Reporting Services Solution

  • Designing a Microsoft Excel-Based Reporting Solution

  • Planning a SharePoint Server BI Solution

  • Monitoring and Optimizing a BI Solution

  • Operating a BI Solution